Dear Friends in D6 and D4,

I’m sending this message to everyone advancing to regions to make sure that I don’t miss anyone who purchased rehearsal CDs. Please disregard if this doesn’t apply to you and my apologies for the bother.

It has been brought to my attention that there were some errors in the Soprano and Tenor tracks for “Life Time.” The specific errors are listed at the end of the message if anyone is interested in the details. I have corrected the errors listed and posted new recordings online. They are available here:

Feel free to share this link with you students.

I double checked the alto and bass tracks and they appear to be correct. I posted new versions of all 8 parts since the errors were also present in the left channel with all voices. Each track is posted twice. The .WAV version is full CD quality audio, and thus a large file. There are also MP3 versions that are much smaller for quicker downloading.

PLEASE NOTE: Rehearsal CDs are a tool to help directors and students prepare for the festival. It is the students’ responsibility with the directors help to make sure they learn the correct notes. While I obviously make every effort to produce a product that is correct, an error on the CD would not be an excuse for a student singing a wrong part in auditions. It would also not disqualify a song from use as an audition selection because of an error on the disk.

If you are aware of other errors in this or another song, please let me know ASAP. I’ll do what I can to correct the issue.

I appreciate your order and the opportunity to help prepare your students.



Soprano Tracks:

Measure 5 – Soprano I is missing a “C” on beat one

Measures 33-35 – Soprano I and II parts on reversed.

Measure 43 – SI & SII had an extra quarter note on beat 2.

Measure 49 – SII has an G instead of a E

Tenor Tracks:

Measure 10 – Completely wrong notes

Measure 15 – Beat one – quarter note instead of 2 8th notes.